"Purchasing a parrot is a matter of trust"

Since 1988 we sell captivity breeded parrots only and breed ourselve. Our team is caring the hand raised animals or they will stay at their own parents. We always accommodate between 200 - and 350 captivity breeded parrots.

A very important point first: parrots should always be kept in pairs, ie same species and subspecies as the opposite sex.

Therefore, we invite our customers on a regular basis for a consultation. It is clarified, as the feathered friends go and discuss problems / issues.

Excerpt: book parrots as pets, Volume 1

> Never buy one unweaned young bird!

As "weaned" may be considered a young bird until it eats independently and adequately can hold food in order to survive. Normally unweaned baby birds not sold to holders. The hand-rearing of chicks is not only time consuming, but can if faulty implementation can be dangerous for the chicks too. The mash may be too hot or too cold, too thick or too thin, it can be fed too fast or too much, and at worst, get food into the trachea and the chicks suffocated. Experienced Handaufzieher feed the boys were, "in his sleep". They fall in the middle of the night out of bed, move to the food, feed the young birds with long practiced routine and go to sleep again. You as the new owners are, however inexperienced, tired and need to feed in the middle of the night with full concentration your young bird. If you now make a mistake, you feel at three clock as the largest parrot killer in the world, and no one can be reached, which could help you.

Parrots do not bind forever to the person who has fed the young bird. Leave the hand-rearing the experts and let us give something for the emergency hand-rearing food. A weaned young birds can be very well fed with a spoon when it comes to problems in the first few days.

When one sets out to search for the perfect pet bird is often encounters parrots in very bad attitudes. This may be the case in poorly run pet shops, in crowded sanctuaries or even in private homes. The temptation is to exempt these parrots from their bad attitudes. Even if you have such a hard time, do not buy parrot from poor posture, because your purchase will raise the revenue of the seller and he will have to sit the next day a new parrot in the cage, which will once again appeal to the compassion of any buyer . Sometimes this compassion scam is also fully intended and you are done with intent hoodwinked. It's very difficult to leave these parrots, but unfortunately it is the only way how to make this bad business practice in the long term an end. If you think that a parrot wi not kept informed about difficult or even neglected, seek help for animal welfare or to the authorities. If you close this animal very into the heart, you follow his path, perhaps later, an opportunity arises to take the parrot to be without supporting the business practices of the previous holder.

Neglected chicks

Watch the proportions of the young bird. If the parrot has oversized feet and projecting a seemingly too big head, the eyes and the plumage is duller and more sparse than normal for his age, it is probably a neglected and stunted chicks. In general, the skin of these young birds is reddish, the animals are developed and show a poor social behavior. In many cases, they can not keep parrots on their feet and sit astride their intertarsal. Often these chicks hand-reared from day 1 and the holder has provided the chick improperly. Especially macaws seem to be affected by this issue. These chicks are all their lives suffer from health and emotional problems and require a permanent veterinary monitoring. Therefore should not be taken by neglected chicks Ersthaltern to please themselves and also ren not stop, who are employed. Anxious young birds who have gone hungry before a strong tendency to exaggerated reactions and loss are dependent on an increased level of security in their attitude.


Hildegard Niemann
Parrot Behaviour Consultant

  • Member of WP-Magazin- editorial staff
  • Member of the International Association of behavioral therapists for animals IAABC
  • Member of Amazona Society
  • Author of GU guide: African grevs intelligent & aktive
  • Author of the guide parrots as pet birds

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