Pairing of parrots

The parrot should be kept in pairs, has no got around and more and more is followed more and more.

The only question is: what gender are my pet and how the right partner? Therefore Heike Mundt Parrot Park has the solution:

  • a huge selection for you and your pet
  • our Honeymoon suite for parrots.

How it works:

  1. Due to the large selection of over 250 parrots in the park to the mating bird is first set in a large aviary with fellows
  2. After a few days, you can watch usually the first sign of pairing.
  3. Now we place the new lovers either ...
    1. the Honeymoon Suite (Wedding Room) at the Park or
    2. ...take a trial basis with the couple to their home.
  4. Harmonizes the couple continues after a few weeks, we've made it!
  5. Turns out that the initial love was a fluke, we'll try it with another partner (see 2).

This method described here usually works well in animals that were individually housed for many years. Can guarantee it but - as with us humans - never give.

Tip: see videos on topic

Note: by foreign animals that were not purchased from our stock, we need a health certificate.

Specialist veterinarians create these health certificates for you. Contact addresses can be found here »

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Entrance is free!


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