Sexing of parrots

Male or Female: Is that really all there is to know about a parrot? Most of the more than 330 species of parrots and parakeets are monomorphic, ie there are no clear signs externally determine male or female. In these species, keepers and breeders have tried for many years to determine the gender of your birds using what are called secondary sexual characteristics such as the size of the bird or of individual parts of the body, on the basis of color nuances and behaviors.

The result of these efforts was often the years of waiting for a nest of a pair consisting of a large and a small male or on a fertilized eggs of 2 copulating and egg-laying females.

The clear, unambiguous sex determination plays in the keeping and breeding of parrots a central role. Similar to the situation in the wild is meant for parrots with their welfare in pairs attitude of males and females of the same species or subspecies. For some, acceptable types of groups can be permanently established, in which a balanced sex ratio of males and females there.

Among the various methods of sex determination in parrots and parakeets endoscopic sexing with organ examination and genetic sex determination have the greatest practical relevance.




Genetic sex determination by analyzing the DNA from a spring or blood sample


Blood from the neck vein (Vena jugularis) for most chicks from 10 day life feasible

Sample extraction (feathers or blood) of parrots raised by parents can also can be taken out in the nesting box.

No significant sampling risk




Limited power (only indication male or female as a test result)

Not a 100% certainty of the outcome (due to laboratory or sample)

Easy to manipulate (intentional or unintentional false labelling for submission of samples by the bird owners without control of a neutral person such as a veterinarian)

So far not yet reached all parrots and parakeets

No statement about breeding condition

Not suitable as buying investigation

When sending samples from birds can usually only small quantities of DNA isolated. A storage of DNA for later controls (for example because of manipulation of the identification of the sample) is therefore not possible.

Results are not immediately, but only after 5-14 days



Endoscopic sex determination with organ examination:

The bird is produced by a short inhalation anesthetic stunned. By about 3 mm short skin and muscle cut is behind the last rib an endoscope into the abdominal cavity of the bird introduced and the visible institutions such as air bag, lungs, liver, stomach glands, kidneys, the adrenal gland, spleen, intestinal loops, ureter, fallopian tubes, and the Geschlechtsdrüse investigated and assessed.



Sex determination in principle on all bird species. Sex determination in most parrots and Sitticharten from the age of 6 weeks (for Handaufzuchten) feasible.

By endoscopic presentation of the testes or ovary 100% safe sex determination. Due to the assessment of the state of internal organs and the exterior of the bird as a purchase or inquiry to assess the quality of the bird. Examination of the internal organs and allows the exterior disease diagnostics such as Verpilzung, ovarian cysts, air bag inflammation, and many others Verfettung

Assessment of the breeding condition, taking account of the development and circulatory condition of Geschlechtsdrüse and other relevant institutions. Lasting Gender identification by tattooing after endoscopy under the wing (right male, female left). Very low anesthesia and surgery risk, if by an experienced surgeon carried out (at own results, the Aufwach rate from the anesthesia after endoscopy at 99.98%.) Acceptable in the context of the home directly from the breeder or keeper carried out so that the transport of birds for the investigation is not necessary. As part of the anaesthetic for endoscopy can also identify the microchip identification of the bird for uniquely identifying carried out. The owner immediately know the results of endoscopy and in the case of diseases can be immediately diagnosed with the therapy started.



If the bird is extremely fat or with animals of strong air bag inflammation sex determination is not feasible.

Years of experience and almost daily practice of the surgeon for a perfect implementation of endoscopy. Therefore, relatively few specialists.
For inexperienced operators and application of immature techniques is a certain anesthesia, surgical and risk of infection.



From the table it can be seen that the genetic sex determination is very well suited for private owners who have a single bird, and just want to know its sex without breeding want, and are not interested in finding out the state of the internal organs of the bird. It is also recommended for gardeners who want to know the sex of their own breeding program already in nestlings. The genetic sex determination is - because of the varied possibilities of manipulation on the part of the student and the low explanatory power of the animal itself - less suitable for sex determination in juveniles or adult birds that are to be sold to third parties.

In this area, the main advantages of endoscopy are: a thorough internal and external examination by a neutral and competent avian veterinarian ensures maximum objectivity in the assessment of quality, breeding condition and general health of the studied bird and brings clarity for buyers and sellers of the bird, as well as for the grower who wants to use this animal for breeding or know whether the bird is breeding will mature already.

The practical use of endoscopic sexing with organ investigation in many years kept as single birds animals in homes has shown that most of the private holders their birds in this way so far could examine never and have no findings on the state of the internal organs of their bird. They often believe that their pet is in perfect health, as it has so far been unremarkable, and are very surprised when findings such as air bag inflammation, fungal infection, fatty liver or size reductions or enlargement, as well as information presented on major metabolic disorders. Because of the numerous diagnostic results at the relatively simple and straightforward method of endoscopy, it is advisable for every parrot and parakeet owners, to be examined his bird at least once in this way. Breeding maturity parrot or parakeet couples who have not hatched in the last 2 years should be to clarify the possible cause subjected definitely an endoscopic examination with sex organ assessment.

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