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Proper feed

You love animals and want to grow old with you? Then you have with parrots made ​​the right choice.

A pebble is still missing in our mosaic: one pair to entertainment, to a large cage, and the trip to the attention - of course - the right food. "No problem, my bird likes best sunflower seed" is now saying so many. That's true, and this is precisely the wrong way anyway.

Let's use compared to the four-year child: Ask your offspring to choose between a chocolate bar and a fresh salad. No question: The hungry kids will reach for the chocolate and push the green stuff contemptuously aside. Does this mean that the optimal diet chocolate and salad is out of place? Just the opposite is true. Back to Parrots: Sunflower seeds are rich in fat, they correspond to the chocolate in our comparison. Other crops, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, provide the animal much more of essential nutrients, protect from obesity and fatty liver. Nevertheless, the small thick heads turn after each sunflower seed the neck, the healthy food usually ends up in the sand. To fight it, is as good as useless - because parrots are so intelligent. The previously common rule of thumb, only to give new food, if the old one is completely consumed, gray theory: The animals quickly learn that a premature change of food is forcing about by a deliberate "blob". Moreover, hardly any holder will withstand the whining before the half-empty feed troughs long.

There is a way out: parrot stew, in the jargon as "extrudate".
Here the grains are mixed in an optimal ratio, ground, enriched with vitamins and minerals and baked into small clumps. Thus, the birds live their Knabberlust, but they have no chance to select only those fat chunks. As much as they dig even in fodder pot: you will always get the same, precisely tailored to their metabolism nutrient mix.

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