"Let's talk about cages"

Do you know someone who wants to spend the rest of his days in a guest bathroom?

In this case that would be almost exactly the proportions that many parrots holder concede their animals - just enough space for on-the-spot turning. The people in the guest toilet, it would thereby relatively well: He has no wings, he must spread more times - although he will remember at some point, what nature has given him feet ...

Seriously: A cage that can carry a full grown man with no trouble alone, this designation does not deserve. You need to transport a station wagon, two carriers and a towel to wipe your sweat, it is an acceptable solution has come a lot closer.

In addition, a cage is not a prison. He's doors - and that should be open to more times. Anyone who has ever watched a parrot couple having trips and playing together, the TV will turn on its only when a particularly good movie is on the agenda. The repertoire of these feathered clowns to sounds and artistic interludes is inexhaustible - yes, they are cute and sweet, but in a very different way than the cliché of küßchengebenden Lora tries to tell us. Well should the parrot holder it will not be removed my: Is not he in the house, the animals are actually in their cage. Bitten by power cables and completely tattered houseplants testify not of love for animals.

Issue price:
Meanwhile, nearly every cage model is an inferior imitation of the popular Autkions and Preisbrecher portals on the Internet. In the pictures to see these products look great and the price lures.
For this you should know that your animals endanger substandard cages identical in several respects:

Occurring often with inferior cheap cage offers shortcomings:
1. Rust and oxidation: usually the welds and edges of the cage tubes poorly finished and / or sealed. Therefore, these products catch on usually after a few weeks to rust and cause the generation of oxidation phenomena. This occurs especially when your beloved animals also often offer shower using a water sprayer or bathe the animals in the water bowls.

2. Flaking of colors: parrots and parakeets have 24 hours a day and time to think about like what you can begin with the cage all Sun The pipe ends are not processed correctly and the color can be particularly high there often nibble lightly.

3. Doors and hinges: inferior components increase the risk of outbreak unkontrollirten - unfortunately often with fatal consequences for animals and owners. Unsupervised flying in Wohung animals not only damage the furniture, but also endanger their own health, as may for parrots and parakeets Pfanzen containing toxic substances and objects can be chewed. Not infrequently, a flight for an open window closed or even have unpleasant consequences.

Our promise: at the Parrot Park Bochum you buy cages on the "safe side"
We look for when shopping for production and that these defects in the products offered by us are excluded as is humanly can.
In the cage and aviary range of Parrot Park Bochum offered cages and aviaries, we also offer you with a professional advice at a fair price. You get a quality durable product. And, if something does not fit: of course we can help you and provide swift replacement.

Please find here our selcetion of quality cages and aviaries for

Parrot Cages - high quality - Parrot Park Bochumparrots »

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