Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
          Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
          Photo credits: Mundt-Poettgen
          Photo credits: Mundt-Poettgen
          Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
          Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
          Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
          Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
  •           Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
  •           Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
  •           Photo credits: Mundt-Poettgen
  •           Photo credits: Mundt-Poettgen
  •           Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
  •           Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
  •           Photo credits: Tanja Schnell
  •           Photo credits: Tanja Schnell

Exotic events with tame parrots of the Parrot Park

Parrots for tv broadcasting and mediaParrot presentationHeike Mundt and Parrot Park Bochum map the highly publicized issue parrots and exotic birds with competence and sympathy. This is partly due to the reputation and popularity of Heike Mundt, and partly to their years of experience on the subject of animal-friendly parrot keeping. Parrot Park Bochum is in most cases able to meet requirements of animal welfare authorities and veterinary offices for show and media purposes.

The tame and partly from tv broadcast well known parrots of Parrot Park Bochum are very public appeal and delight young and old in a special way. Particularly for the elderly and the disabled as well as for children are the exotic and tame birds from Parrot Park is an attraction and thus a welcome hanger to tv-broadcasts and reports. This increases the attractivity of your events considerably.

Event pakage parrot presentation

Eventpaket Ara & Papageien Präsentation des Papageienpark Bochum

Your audience will erperience up to five large parrots - sitting free on pearches & trees-  without wiremesh or glas barrier (the parrots are fully able to fly!) - even open air use is possible...

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Parrots for tv broadcasting and media / advertising

Papageien des Papageienpark-Bochum für Medienauftritte

Parrots of the Parrot Park Bochum are ideal for TV reports, photo shoots and all b roadcasting purposes...

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Event package adventure photo

Eventpaket Erlebnisfoto mit exotischen Papageien des Papageienpark-Bochum

Your audience - especially children, the elderly, etc. - will be photographed by the team of Parrot Park Bochum / MP&P agency  with macaw "captain Kesselhut" (known from KiKa) and other tame parrots...

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Even package parrot petting

Streichelns zahmer Papageien des Papageienpark-Bochum - ein Erlebnis für Jung und Alt

Your audience - especially children, the elderly, etc. - may pet the tame parrots of Parrot Park Bochum and thus make a new experience in get in touch with exotic birds...

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Die Beratung im Papageienpark Bochum ist erstklassig. Wer über die "Adoption" von Papageien nachdenkt sollte auf jedenfall vorbei schauen. Vielen ... mehr lesen »

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