Table of ingredients Dr. Harrisons birds diet

IngredientsUnitHBD Avian EnzymeAdult LifetimeHigh PotencyPower TreatsJuvenile FormulaRecovery FormulaNeonate FormulaHBD Bird Bread Mix
Crude Protein%12,015,014,219,318,513,116,638,02915,0
Crude fa%3,08,97,916,413,123,713,325,018,88,0
Crude fiber%6,58,66,312,98,76,610,3006,5
Crude ash%5,02,92,73,23,23,23,24,95,43,0
Addatives per kg-          
Vitamin AIE-6.7653.1385.3893.0532.3299.66844.00032.296813
Vitamin B1mg-8,17,213,664,27,419,160,644,510,4
Vitamin B2mg-5,14,17,853,714,059,843,97,8
Vitamin B6mg-19,07,614,39,36,6218058,99,89
Vitamin B12µg-584574492910337427527,6
Vitamin D3IE-1651102751381165502.7502.019500
Vitamin Emg-10777181158722641.0857982,2
Folic acidmg-1,61,22,61,61,53,513,810,21,3
d-Calcium pantothenatemg-19153316184615411321,6
Vitamin K1mg-0,11,61,01,40,691,50,10,10,4

March 2008

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